The Incubator is a beacon of support in the experimental artists' community, supplying artists with funds, staff support, and artistic freedom to make new theatrical works. The Incubator is as frequent a host to first professional productions as it is to community-lauded works with longer runs. Two years ago, the Incubator initiated structural changes aimed at keeping artists more engaged and supported year-round, through artist roundtables and salons in partnership with University Settlement.

The Incubator is an outgrowth of the Ontological-Hysteric Theater, a New York institution. Richard Foreman founded the OHT in 1968 with a mission to make high-quality, intellectually resonant work for a large and diverse audience. In July 2010, Foreman will depart the OHT's longtime home at St. Mark's Church; the Incubator will become the sole resident producer in the space.

1993 marked the first year of the OHT's emerging artist programming; in 2005, the OHT formalized its relationship with emerging artists with the founding of the Incubator. The Incubator is programming for artists who follow in the process-oriented, compositional footsteps of Foreman, but who have their own unique strategies for creating innovative work. The Incubator programming provides these artists with aesthetic and practical support as they build new theater work in our home on East 10th St. and 2nd Ave.



The Incubator aims to further innovative performance by serving emerging and mid-career theater artists who are creating new works in the experimental vein. The Incubator provides these artists from a variety of performing arts disciplines with aesthetic and practical mentorship and support on their way towards self-sustaining productions and careers The Incubator, under the umbrella of Artservices, will extend their commitment to artists with a new program which supports five artists/ensembles with multi-year residencies resulting in two supported workshops and two fully-produced plays each. This project will allow artists to have the rare chance to build work over time with a single producer, encouraging more thoughtful artistic and financial planning, ultimately bringing richer work to the public.


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